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Toxicity in Work Environment and Social Media | Ms. Harshita Gupta A.K.A. RJ Harshi

toxicity - work environment - social media - rj harshi - mental health
Toxicity in Work Environment and Social Media | Ms. Harshita Gupta | MHT Conversation

In today’s world, effects of toxicity in work environment and social media on mental health are very important to be considered as both the realms are very much part of everyday routine of an individual. Individuals set out with certain expectations in the practical world and wish to be rewarded for their contribution fairly. But alas, the current work environment has become such that everyone is just looking to make others feel doubtful about themselves to climb that ladder of success, faster than the others.

Such work environment creates toxicity not only in the professional lives of individuals but also starts affecting mental health and hence personal lives of the individuals. The importance that people give to social media also adds on to this toxicity. Especially the hate comments that people so freely put on social media without even considering the adverse effects of the same on mental health of the individuals.

In this unique conversation with the very famous RJ Harshi of 107.2 FM, MHT explores various factors that contributes in making the work environment toxic and how it affects the mental health of the individuals. She gives a peek into the glamour world and how one needs to keep their mental health and self-respect a priority in such times when others just wish to push you down.

Watch Full Video | Toxicity in Work Environment and Social Media | Ms. Harshita Gupta | MHT Conversation

Toxicity in Work Environment and Social Media | Ms. Harshita Gupta | MHT Conversation

About Ms. Harshita Gupta A.K.A RJ Harshi

toxicity = work place - social media - RJ Harshi
Ms. Harshita Gupta A.K.A. RJ Harshi

Ms. Harshita Gupta, popularly known as RJ Harshi is a RJ by profession, content creator by passion and an avid sleeper by choice. After completing her schooling from La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow, Ms. Harshita started her journey towards becoming an RJ by enrolling for a Journalism course in Amity University, Noida.

After completing her education and focusing on understanding of Radio in depth, Ms. Harshita became RJ Harshi when she started working on Radio Mirchi 98.3FM. Here she successfully launched her famous series; Mirchi Kantap and started gaining huge popularity amongst the youth.

Currently, Ms. Harshita is an influencer, puts out a lot many videos on her Instagram handle and you can also tune in to her YouTube Channel for a lot many exciting videos. She has recently joined 107.2 FM as RJ Harshi. Tune in from 7-10 am to listen to her live.

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