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Dance Movement Therapy in Corporate Settings | Disha Sampat

Ms. Disha Sampat, a certified dance movement therapist, joins MHT Live and talks about the role of dance movement therapy (DMT) in corporate settings. Watch this snippet that was edited from the full video which also attached in this post.

Dance Movement Therapy in Corporate Settings | Disha Sampat | MHT Byte

Workplaces such as corporations demand mental agility, time and effort. Sometimes, for some individuals, it can be exhausting and overwhelming to cope with requirements which can cause further damage to their state of mind. In India, the mental health of corporates is rarely addressed. This, thereby leads to less awareness about interventions that can be helpful for corporates and their organisations. 

Dance movement therapy in corporate settings is relatively a new form of intervention, especially in India. Ms. Disha Sampat, a certified dance movement therapist, has been providing professional support for the mental health of corporates and is associated with various corporations in Mumbai and other parts of the country.

In this MHT Live, Ms. Disha mentions the key symptoms for recognising mental health problems of corporates in a workplace setting. Moreover, she also shares numerous tips on how employees can manage their mental and psychological wellbeing at an individual level. Another important takeaway from this MHT Live with Ms. Disha Sampat is learning about DMT skills that can support corporate roles and responsibilities at their workplace. 

About Ms. Disha Sampat

Disha Sampat has completed her Master’s of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute in 2019. She is a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT) accredited by the American Dance Therapy Association and professional member with the Indian Association of Dance/Movement Therapy. During her stay in the USA, she has worked in clinical settings such as hospitals and day care centres with adults, older adults and children.

In Mumbai, Disha has conducted dance/movement therapy sessions in the corporates, schools and collaborated with various mental health organisations to advocate for dance/movement therapy. She is currently working with Never Grow Up for the wellbeing program, conducting one-to-one sessions, webinars, workshops and working closely with individuals who may have faced trauma. Her goal as a mental health professional is to break the mental health stigma that exists in society and support people to talk about their mental health.

Want to know more about Ms. Disha Sampat? Click here.

Watch the full video : Dance Movement Therapy in Corporate Settings | Disha Sampat

Dance Movement Therapy in Corporate Settings | Disha Sampat | MHT Live

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