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Practising Mindfulness and Conscious Living | Ms. Kainaz | Therapy for Thought – Ep. 09

By MHT Podcasts; Ms. Kainaz

Practising mindfulness and conscious living does not and cannot happen overnight. It is true that practising mindfulness and conscious living takes diligent efforts and attention. In this podcast episode with the speaker Ms. Kainaz, Founder of White Light Elements, the concept of mindfulness and conscious living is discussed and how it has impacted the life of Ms. Kainaz. 

Mindfulness is giving attention to things around you, the activity you are currently working on and even the thoughts that are coming to your mind. Even when I am writing this article, my attention is directed towards the birds chirping in my garden, the sound of pressing the keys of the keyboard and also the clock ticking in the background. Practising mindfulness is putting forth the same level of attention and thought to tasks we do everyday, which thereby can improve the detailing and execution in that specific task. 

This podcast episode similarly reveals concepts of mindfulness and conscious living. Ms. Kainaz herself shares her experience of developing these practising overtime. She moreover shares the importance of these practises in everyday life.

Simple ways of Practising Mindfulness and Conscious Living

  1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the most popular ways of practising mindfulness as it helps you connect with your thought and body at the same time. Meditating everyday for even 10 minutes can improve your attention and concentration for the day.

  1. Mindful Eating

This is another popular practice for conscious living. Whenever you are having your meal, ask yourself rudimentary questions such as: What am I eating? Who all created this meal for me? Where is the food coming from?. This way of mindful eating will not only help you appreciate your meal further but also make you feel grateful for the effort and labour that many people across the globe would have put behind.

  1. Drive Slower

In this fast paced life, driving is no more about rejoicing the journey or even looking at the view outside. But a mindful drive can make you feel more relaxed at you quietly and slowly notice your surrounding and enjoy the view

  1. Paying Gratitude

The importance of gratitude is documented in improving one’s mental health. Paying gratitude is another way of conscious living with the help of which the humans learn to redirect their attention to things that they appreciate and are thankful for.

Products for Practising Mindfulness and Conscious Living

  1. The Now Cube

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’Now’ is the only time in our control.

The aim of The Now Cube is to bring us back to the present moment through simple practices that will make a larger difference. Being in “Now” is necessary as it brings in a sense of calmness, relaxation, enjoyment and fulfilment. It increases the energy levels of the body and thus enhances creativity and intelligence. It helps a person make wiser decisions and come to deeper and more meaningful solutions. The Now Cube is a wooden dice made from Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood, with 6 simple and highly effective activities along with each number.

Grab the cube, roll it and instantly do as it says – mindfully. With each number comes a unique activity that will help us focus on being in “Now”.

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  1. Labyrinth

Buy the labyrinth now.

Labyrinths are ancient symbols that denote wholeness. They’re made in the form of circles and spirals that serve as a twisty but meaningful path. Moving into a labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world with better wisdom. In medieval ages, labyrinths were used as an alternative way for people to experience the bliss of a pilgrimage without actually having to incur expenses and travel to another place. Likewise, labyrinths have been used by many cultures for relaxation and meditation.

Moving towards the center of the labyrinth helps in bringing stillness of mind and facilitating spiritual well being. It helps in letting go of worldly attachments, selfishness, anger, ego and seeking oneness with the Divine. Buy the labyrinth now.

Explore more Products for Practising Mindfulness and Conscious Living here.

About Ms. Kainaz; Founder – White Light Elements

Ms. Kainaz is the Co-founder at White Light Elements. She had been in HR for the past 10 years. Completely involved in her work, she was longing to increase the productivity and efficiency of her team by enhancing their happiness quotient. She believed that it was a chain process and that happy people could be more creative and hence, more productive! But she thought why not do it for every being? Why limit ourselves! So in a winter of 2016, a desire rose. A desire that was kindled by a reflection of a happy, peace and blissful life.

The desire was heart-felt, deep and pure. It was to make every being experience the same happiness, peace and bliss. So along with Dinesh Arora (Founder – Sundyota Numandis Group of companies) & Poonam Arora (Founder – White Light Elements, Kainaz hopped on t the journey of spreading everlasting happiness through thoughtfully conceptualised products based on Conscious Feel Practices, giving birth to White Light Elements.

About Therapy for Thoughts | MHT Podcast

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