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Practising Yoga for Self-Care | Mrs. Priyanka Jain | Therapy for Thought – Ep. 12


Practising Yoga for Self-Care | Mrs. Priyanka Jain | Therapy for Thought – Ep. 12

Practising Yoga is a great way of taking care of self, both, physically and mentally. The outreach of Yoga is global now has it can benefit individually from all ethnicities. Eka Meditation is a unique mobile app that aims at supporting the practise of Yoga in the current generation. 

Ms. Priyanka Jain, Founder & CEO of Eka Meditation App joins this podcast episode as the speaker along with Ms. Haveesha Buddhdev as the host from MHT. Ms. Priyanka shares with the listeners her journey while creating the App. 

Tune in to this podcast episode where Ms. Priyanka tells us about the psychological benefits of yoga. Research evidence heavily supports the practise of yoga for better mental health and good self care. One of the research studies has observed a link between yoga and functioning of the vagus nerve. This nerve is supposed to be responsible for the body’s unconscious functions such as digestion, breathing and circulation. Moreover, Yoga has also been found to be associated directly with social competence as well as beneficial.

In this podcast episode Ms. Jain also shares details of her new venture: The Eka Meditation App. Eka is a yoga and meditation app from India, and it has guided lessons on Asanas in the Hatha Yoga style, Yoga Nidra deep relaxation practice, Pranayama or breathing exercises, Chanting and Meditations. The app focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing and seeks to help its users build a personal yoga practice at home. One can also book a therapist through the app.

About Eka Meditation App

Stress, depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, loneliness, anger, grief, lack of focus, fear, mood swings, sadness, sleeplessness, self-doubt – all stem from the body and the mind.

With Eka – Heal the Body, and Calm the Mind.

We also offer you the ability to chat with our teachers and ask questions.

In Eka you’ll find:

1. Yoga Asanas

2. Sleep Meditation

3.A program for Anxiety

3. Morning Meditation

4. Breathing Exercises or Pranayama

5. Yoga Nidra or Lucid Dreaming

6. Guided sleep meditation

7. Meditation for anxiety

8. 5 minute meditation

9. Meditation Music

10. And more

Tune in to the latest podcast on Happiness Edition from Mental Health Today. Find out more about yoga and self care from the experts in the field. Inculcating Yoga in daily life for the benefit of the mind and the body.

 Picture Credits: YogaUOnline

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